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4 Tips For Avoiding A Temporary Restraining Order Violation


Violating a temporary restraining order can get you into a lot of trouble. Sometimes, these restraining orders can make your life difficult. Here are some tips for avoiding a TRO violation.

1. Take the Order Very Seriously

Your restraining order isn't a list of suggestions or things to consider. The rules of your TRO are binding and immutable. However, temporary restraining orders can vary from place to place. Don't make assumptions concerning the restraining order.

Make sure you understand exactly what your order says. Ask questions of the judge, your lawyer, or authorities if you're not sure about something. Violating your temporary restraining order accidentally still represents a violation. Ignorance is not a good defense when you violate.

2. Cut All Ties Immediately

Essentially, you should treat the other person as if they don't exist for the duration of your temporary restraining order. Erase the other person from every contact list, social media site, and anywhere else you can think of. If you feel you might need the contact information later, write it down and leave it somewhere out of sight. Even accidentally contacting the other person can lead to a violation, so don't take any chances.

In addition, always remember you will violate your order even if the other person gives you permission to contact them. For example, if the other person invites you to their place to talk or hash things out, don't do it.

3. Make Changes to Your Routines

If your daily routine brings you close to the other person for any reason, start making changes. Don't take routes that bring you close to the other person. Don't stop into the places you're both accustomed to going to. Some of these things can seem unfair, but remember your freedom is on the line. A temporary restraining order doesn't last forever, so do your best to stay far out of the other person's way.

4. Document Harassment From the Other Person

The other person needs to honor the temporary restraining order as well. Make note of any calls, messages, threats, surprise visits, or any other kind of harassment. Save everything you can, and document things in detail, including the date and time when the harassment occurs. Don't take it on yourself to try to deal harassment. You will only violate your order.

Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, you can still violate your temporary order of protection. If your violation comes with jail time, make sure you contact a TRO violations bail bonds services immediately. The service can help you stay free to build your case and defend yourself.


25 October 2018