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Consider A VA Loan When Buying A Home If You've Served In The Military


If you're planning to buy a home and you've served in the military, then you should think about getting a VA loan. VA loans often have more favorable terms than private mortgages and they may be easier to qualify for, although you still need to meet credit guidelines. Here's some information about getting a VA loan.

Where To Apply For A VA Loan

You can go to a traditional mortgage lender to apply for a VA loan. This type of loan is usually one of several that a mortgage broker or bank offers, and they can help you determine if you're eligible for the loan and if it fits your needs better than other loan options on the market. You aren't automatically qualified to get a VA loan just because you've been in the military. You still have to go through the approval process and that includes gathering all of your financial data so the lender can assess your debt to income ratio and check your credit score.

How To Qualify For The Loan

There are requirements for a VA loan that are related to the length of your service. The length of time depends on whether you served in wartime or peace time, and your type of discharge matters too. Your lender will need proof of the details of your service, and that is done by obtaining a Certificate of Eligibility. You can often obtain this online and your lender can possibly help you do this. However, in some cases, you may need to request the certificate through the mail or in person through the local VA office.

You'll need a copy of your discharge form, and if you don't have it, then you'll need to apply for a copy of that before you can apply for the certificate. Getting the certificate could be quick or it might take a long time, so start the process early so it doesn't hold up your loan.

What You Can Buy With A VA Loan

A VA loan is intended for your primary residence rather than buying investment property. You are required to move into the home within a certain time after the loan closes and use the home as your own residence rather than rent the home out. You can buy a used home, new home, manufactured home, or a home that needs repairs and bundle the renovation costs into the loan. It might even be possible to get a VA loan to renovate your current home if you're increasing energy efficiency at the same time.

A lender can help you decide if a VA loan is the right choice for the reason you want the loan. The loans are not made by the Veterans Administration, they are just backed by the VA, so the lender has control over whether they want to make the loan based on their own criteria and the guidelines set forth by the government.


19 February 2019