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After paying several thousands of dollars on the root canals on my upper teeth, my dentist told me that they had to be pulled. He told me that the dentist that did the work didn't do it properly and that all of the teeth were infected. After I collected myself, we started discussing the cost of the extraction procedure and the cost of the dentures. I knew I couldn't pay for all of that out of my pocket and he explained the dangers of allowing dental infections to fester. I quickly learned about financing dental procedures. If you are in a similar situation, go to my site to learn about your options of financing dental work.

Heading To College? 3 Factors To Consider When Opening A Bank Account


Going to college can be an exciting experience. While you may be focused on school and your social life, ensuring you have a bank account that suits your financial needs should also be a priority. Unfortunately, many college students open up accounts without putting much thought into a few important factors. With this guide, you will learn some tips to help you select the right bank account to use while in college.


Location is definitely an important factor to consider when choosing a bank. You want the bank to be easily accessible from your dorm or apartment for a few reasons.

If you are working while in school, a bank close to your work/residence will make depositing checks easier. However, a bank conveniently located will also allow you to make withdrawals without the worry of unnecessary ATM fees.

Another thing to consider is whether or not the bank will be convenient and accessible to your family. This is especially important if you are going to college in a different city or state from where your parents or family live. Since your parents may need to make deposits into your account periodically, ensuring you choose a bank that is accessible to them and their location is smart.


Unless money is not an issue, make sure the bank you choose offers free services for college students. Free checking and savings accounts allow you to fund and save without the worry of annual or monthly fees.

You should never have to worry about added fees because your account balance falls below a certain limit or you have made an "excessive" number of withdrawals or transfers. The right bank will offer free checking and savings accounts, free checks, free withdrawal from bank ATMs, and free transfers no matter what your account balance is at the time.


Finally, research all the banks in your desired area to determine who is offering bonuses for opening accounts. As a college student, a few hundred dollars just for opening an account that you will want and need is an added benefit that may not have thought about.

A free bonus does not have to be the main factor to consider when shopping for a bank for your accounts, but it can be a deciding factor if you have found a few in your area that meet the other guidelines.

Help is available when shopping for the right bank account to use while away at college. This guide will give you a few factors to consider when deciding on the right bank.  

Contact banks like Unison Bank in your area for more information.


6 June 2019