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Tips For Going To Court After Bail


Bailing out of jail may feel like a relief, and it certainly should. For many people, bailing out of jail is only half the battle. They still have to deal with going to court and facing their charges. While bailing out of jail gives you plenty of opportunities to prepare, you might not know what to expect.

The courtroom is a room unlike most others. In this room, you are expected to adhere to specific decorum. Want to learn more about what to expect from court? This guide will help you determine how to behave and prepare for court.

Arrive on Time

Never arrive late to court proceedings of any kind. You should always make arrangements ahead of time to ensure that you arrive early to court, even if you have to sit through several other hearings before yours. Being late is one of the worst things that can happen, and not appearing could even lead to revocation of your bail.

Choose Clothing With Care

Modest, clean clothing is crucial for court appearances. They should show that you take the proceedings seriously. You don't need to go out and buy a new suit, but you should show that you understand the severity and respect that the court requires.

Don't Bring Gum or Candy

Next, make sure that you aren't eating or drinking anything during the proceedings. Even chewing on gum and sucking on breath mints can be seen as disrespectful. Keep your mouth clear, even when you are not actively speaking.

Stand When the Judge Enters & Leaves

When the judge stands up to leave or enters the courtroom, you should stand. This is a sign of respect. You should stand until the judge either sits down or leaves the room completely.

Do Not Approach the Judge

Unless you are asked, never approach the judge's bench. This can be a sign of disrespect or potentially a sign that you are trying to harm somebody. The bailiff may step in if you are perceived as a threat to the judge.

Don't Miss Court

Failure to appear in court means that your bail will be revoked and a bench warrant may be issued in your name. Your bail bond professional will get in touch with you if this is the case. Bail provides you with an opportunity to work on your case from home while maintaining a sense of routine at home. Showing up to court is a good way to move the process forward, not backward. 

For more information, contact a bail bondsman.


15 May 2020