What To Do When You're Too Broke To Pay The Bail Bond Fee


When you don't have enough money or collateral to pay the full bail ordered by the court, a bail bond company can save the day by putting up the money for you and only requiring you to only pay a fee (commonly 10 percent of the bail amount) for the service. However, sometimes even paying the bondsman's fee can be too much for your stretched finances. If you need to post bail but don't have enough cash, here are three things you can try to make the bond fee more affordable.

24 January 2019

Understanding What The FHA Is And How To Work With Them For A Mortgage


You hear a lot about the FHA and FHA mortgages, but what do you actually know? Besides helping first-time homebuyers purchase and get into a home in the easiest and most affordable of ways, you may not know much else about FHA. The following will help you become more familiar with this government organization and how to work with them to obtain a mortgage. ‚ÄčThe Federal Housing Administration (FHA) ‚ÄčThe FHA was born in the Great Depression.

31 December 2018

Wholesale Mortgage Lending 101: The What And Why Of Wholesale Mortgages


If you've heard the term wholesale mortgage as part of your house search, but you aren't sure what that means, you should understand it right away. After all, wholesale mortgage lending could prove beneficial for your mortgage search. Here's a look at what wholesale lending is and what it can mean for your home buying experience. What Exactly Is Wholesale Mortgage Lending?  Wholesale mortgage lending gets its name because the broker that offers the loans makes a deal with a variety of lenders to get wholesale rates for their loans.

17 November 2018

4 Tips For Avoiding A Temporary Restraining Order Violation


Violating a temporary restraining order can get you into a lot of trouble. Sometimes, these restraining orders can make your life difficult. Here are some tips for avoiding a TRO violation. 1. Take the Order Very Seriously Your restraining order isn't a list of suggestions or things to consider. The rules of your TRO are binding and immutable. However, temporary restraining orders can vary from place to place. Don't make assumptions concerning the restraining order.

25 October 2018

3 Things To Know About The Bail Bonds Process In Michigan


When someone you know ends up arrested and behind bars, and you want to help get them out, you are going to need to pay their bail. Here is what you should do if someone you know is arrested in Michigan. #1 Find Out Where They Are The first thing that you need to do is find out where they are. If you were there when they were arrested, you can ask the arresting officer where they are being taken.

28 September 2018

Don't Risk Going Back In: How To Avoid Troubles With Your Bail


If you've been arrested and you're having someone arrange bail for you, it's important that you take steps to avoid problems along the way. Making mistakes during the bail process may result in you having your bail revoked, not to mention other problems that could befall you as a result of the mistakes. Here are several tips that will help you avoid trouble with your bail. Always Give the Right Address Information

30 August 2018

Alternative Loan Options If You Have Poor Credit


Everyone wants to improve their credit score, but if your credit is poor due to inactivity or a bad credit history, building credit and improving your score can be difficult. One problem with having poor credit is finding a loan. While there are many lenders willing to loan money, they prefer patrons with high credit scores. Luckily, there are alternative loan options, so check out these loan possibilities if you have a poor credit score.

9 August 2018

Important Things To Know About Same Day Mortgage Loan Approval


Many people assume that getting approved for a mortgage loan is a long, tedious process that takes many days or week. In reality, there are many lenders that offer same day mortgage loan approval for qualified home buyers. However, before you attempt to get same day approval for a mortgage, it is important to be prepared. Continue reading to learn more about getting same day loan approval for a mortgage:

22 June 2018

2 Common Questions About Bail


If you've been arrested and facing a potential criminal charge, it is crucial that you fully understand your situation and what your rights are. It is possible that you'll have the option to be released from jail on bail, but you do not grasp the process and what it means. Here are two common questions about bail that you may have. 1. How is The Bail Amount Determined? Every state and county has their own laws about setting bail for a dependent, so it may require some specific research for where you are located.

28 April 2018

5 Things To Consider When Taking Out A Personal Loan


Life is full of surprises, which is why you might find yourself needing some extra cash from time to time. If you don't want to charge your credit card for a big purchase, it may make more sense to take out a personal loan. Personal loans are a good option and they offer a number of benefits. Before taking out a personal loan, you want to make sure that you understand what you're getting into.

24 March 2018